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Apple Program

20/20 Produce has apples available year round from Washington State and seasonally from Idaho, and New York.  We have aligned ourselves with well-respected growers and shippers that adhere to our quality standards, which enables us to provide exceptional fruit to our customers.

Apple Availability



apple-variety_redRED DELICIOUS – One of the most famous American apples, and one of the most widely grown apple varieties with it’s beautiful deep red skin and white flesh characterize this classic Washington apple.

apple-variety_goldenGOLDEN DELICIOUS – Firm, sweet white flesh and beautiful Golden thin skin makes this a real favorite for eating or cooking.

apple-variety_grannyGRANNY SMITH -This juicy, tart bright green beauty is an invigorating treat eaten fresh and has become a real favorite for baking!

apple-variety_galaGALA – Aromatic with a very sweet flavor, galas are firm and crisp. They are fairly resistant to bruising, keep well and are an excellent eating apple.

apple-variety_fujFUJI – Developed in Japan, but an all-American cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. A Sweet, crunchy, juicy flesh beneath a yellow-green skin.  Stores Great!

apple-variety_cameoCAMEO – This sweet-tart crunchy apple is bright red striped over creamy orange, firm and crisp with an aromatic flavor. It is among the top ten most grown apples in Washington.

apple-variety_romeROME – Brilliant red color and a slightly tart taste have earned this beauty a reputation for its superiority in recipes. In fact, its flavor is enhanced by sauteéing or baking.

apple-variety_pinkCRIPPS PINK – Moderately sweet, crisp, firm dense flesh. Excellent flavor and a distinctive pink blush characterize this delightful apple resulting from a long growing season.

apple-variety_honeycrispHONEYCRISP – This Macoun and Honey Gold cross is red over a yellow background. The flesh is cream-colored with exceptionally crisp and juicy texture and mild aroma.

apple-variety_jonagoldJONAGOLD – Best of both worlds! Juicy sweetness of Goldens and crisp tartness of Jonagolds blend together in this beautiful red/golden taste-test winner.

apple-variety_braeburnBRAEBURN – Crisp and juicy with a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Braeburn is a favorite among apple lovers for its excellent consistency and flavor.


20/20 Produce offers a wide variety of packs and sizes for both our food service and retail customers.  Carton, tray, cell pack, bushel basket, paper, and mesh bags are all available.  If you require a special variety or a “hotel pack” please give us a call at (208) 677-2020.