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Quality Produce

Nestled in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho, just north of the Snake River, 20/20 Produce has been providing quality produce for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on distributing the finest quality produce at the best available prices.  We have a vast transportation network that delivers throughout North America.


20/20 Produce offers a full line of count cartons and all size consumer packs on russet potatoes from Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska and Washington State.




Unmatched supply chain of year-round onions.  Our production and shipping geographies are located throughout the continental United States and Mexico.




20/20 Produce has apples available year round from Washington State, and seasonally from Idaho, Minnesota and New York.



lemonCitrus and other Produce

Looking for a citrus partner?  Look no further! 20/20 Produce will handle your citrus needs.  From one pallet to a full truck load, no order is too big or small.  We have great labels on oranges, lemons and limes.  Let us help you out on those California mixers.  Great seasonal availability in Texas as well.